Thursday, January 22, 2015

Picture Purrrfect: Pet Portraits of Watson & Olive

Meet Watson and Olive:  2 pretty kitties captured forever in fabric applique portraits.

Watson is the beautiful grey kitty with white patches and olive-colored eyes.  Olive is the speckled cream, auburn, and grey kitty. 
My friend Sarah asked me to make applique portraits of her sister's cats as a Solstice gift last year.  It was a last minute job I decided to take & managed to complete just in time for gift-giving!!  Since I was away from my sewing machine at the time that I made these portraits, I ended up making these kitty portraits by hand.  The applique pieces are all hand-stitched.  Embroidery floss and decorative stitching added another dimension to the portraits.  To my surprise, the handwork was not all that time-consuming as I thought it would be.  In fact, it was quite soothing to sit, sew, and have a movie running in the background.  And during the stressful time before the holidays, the slow, soothing process of handcrafting these portraits was just.....PURRRRRRRRR-FECT!

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