Sunday, January 12, 2014

And So it Goes- Postcard to Russia, '80s Synth Music, Dreams, and Life in the new year

Blue Monday 2014:  Still bleary-eyed and dreading the traffic commute, my eyes were dazzled by the sunrise salutation witnessed this morning.  East greeted West with brilliant rainbow pastel brushstrokes across the sky; a blazing yellow light emerging from the middle.  The light show was incredible, and I was a little worried I might wind up in an accident from ogling this natural masterpiece while at the wheel.  I scratched my head, could I be dreaming, I thought?  And then remembered, 'red sky in the morning, sailor's take warning'....  The rest of the week here in the land of the Mariners, Seattle-WA, would be gloomy, dreary, stormy, rainy, and blue.  Reality bites the dust of the sunrise.

Combatting the rainy Pacific Northwest winter blues is a challenge!  You're never quite prepared for it until it just seeps deep into your skin, bones, and soul.  I tried forcing a smile, exercising, singing, repeating positive mantras, even saying the word 'bubble' out loud (yes, listen here for more explanation) to muster up some happy vibes.  This quote by Roald Dahl sorta worked a bit....
but who'm I kidding?....sometimes I need the real deal sunshine to chase the gloomy rainclouds away!

So needless to say, the week was full of heaviness and some deep introspection.  Welcome to Winter, I guess!

My project to-do list has started to accumulate, and even with all the blue vibes predominating around me, I was able to cross one thing off this weekend.

Last month I made a little stop at Bulldog News up in the U-district for inspiration and gift purchases.  Always impressed with the selection of foreign & indie magazines at this local newsstand/coffee shop, I bought a few magazines as Christmas gifts for folks when the magazine buyer of the shop pointed me in the direction of a new magazine he'd just ordered called Flow.  I bought it, I'm a sucker for new mags, and have been reading an article here and there ever since.

One such article was about an international postcard swapping site called  You create an account and start swapping postcards with other account members around the world.  Ah, what fun!  Reminds me of when I was in 7th grade and failed at even reciprocating a penpal relationship with a girl over in the Ukraine.  Call it unrequited airmail.  Twenty plus years later, and with more of an appreciation of airmail correspondence, I was really charmed by the idea of sending letters through the post.  Snail mail.  Maybe it's my mistrust in technology, or my exhaustion of the pace of it, or my love of giving & receiving handmade pieces of of my new years resolutions was to create an account on postcrossing and start corresponding across the planet.

My previous blogpost talked about my daily goals, one of them doing something creative each day.  My goal in becoming a member of postcrossing was to create artwork and release it to the world in postcards.  I especially enjoyed the random selection of who my recipients would be and where my artwork would end up.  So this weekend I decided I'd create my first piece of artwork to send.

Inspiration came easy for me....
Blame it on the Bowie!  Maybe he was on my mind because his birthday fell on Blue Wednesday this year...that's January 8th.  And when this iconic image of one of his alter-egos, Alladin Sane, is combined with another one of my loves, Boston Terriers, I come up with something like this:

So back to to receive a randomly generated penpal recipient.  Send a lovely note with best wishes.  Slide it in the envelope...
and off to Russia it goes!

Excited to send my first postcrossing, I almost skipped down to the post office this afternoon listening to my music on my headphones, smile on face, despite the dreary grey Seattle skies.  As I purchased the stamp and wrote 'par avion' on my envelope addressed to my Russian penpal....ironically, this song came on my mp3 player:

The last phrase of the lyrics whispered in my ears as I left the post office,
.........."Whatever happened to your dreams?"...........
and I walked into the night, while my postcard was bound for Russia.

When I got home, I googled 'Moscow 1980' and found that there was actually an original version.
And the irony deepens....right as we're a month away from the Winter Olympics in Sochi and with the current foreign strife and affairs dominating the world, listening to the intro of the original version song kinda gave me the chills:

The delivery of the lyrics on this version is a bit off and warbly, but still, the last line has followed me:
"Whatever Happened to Your Dreams?"
As I googled the full lyrics of the song, 'Moscow 1980', I was side-tracked by this one video and my question was answered!

Many years ago I had one of the weirdest dreams that I still cannot decipher.  I was in a decrepit urban part of my hometown of Cincinnati, OH, at an abandoned Clark Gas Station.  There was a crowd of people in the concrete parking lot, gathered in a circle, watching with glee and excitement.  As I approached the crowd and made my way to the middle, all eyes were on Jerry Seinfeld, who was dressed like a current b-boy in white tank top, baggy jeans, and tattoo.  I was quite mesmerized by Mr Seinfeld's rendition of the Russian Cossack dance and immediately fell in love.

And now, I think I've come full circle!


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