Thursday, September 12, 2013

What's Red and White and Everything Blue?

Something doggone cute, that's what!

As a designer, crafter, and sewist, I'm super lucky to be working for a textile company like Clothworks!  Not only am I surrounded by oodles of fabric which prompts me to go off in 'creative la-la-land' every once and a while, but I get to step up to the plate and use my mad crafter skills when something like the Everything Blue Block Hop comes along!
In honor of the upcoming launch of Clothworks designer Marsha McCloskey's gorgeous new collection called Everything Blue, our marketing coordinator Susie coordinated a Block Hop using fabrics from this collection.  All the blocks contributed in this block hop will be pieced together to form a quilt that will be donated to a charitable organization.  Follow along at Clothworks blog, The Works, to see what the other participants cook up in the Everything Blue Block Hop!

We had just a few stipulations for the blocks in order to participate in the block hop.  The finished blocks had to meet a 10.5" or 12.5" square format, needed to use up to 3 fabrics from the Everything Blue fabric collection, and could use 3 additional fabrics of our choice that were either red, white, or blue.  We were given free reign to come up with whatever design on the block that we desired.  Oh yay, I thought!!  I've made a few simple pieced quilts in my day, but my real strength lies in my applique designs.  I love combining my artistic/ sketching talents with my eye for color to create striking applique designs.  And one more thing I love......PUPPIES!!!!
So 'Who let the Dogs Out?!!  Woof-woof-woof-woof-woof!'  Why me, of course!
The Red-White-and-Blue Tri-Color palette inspired me to create 2 different appliqued blocks-  one with a French Bulldog and one with a Boston Terrier, the American Gentleman.  I really had a ball with this project.  The Frenchie just makes me laugh with his red beret & neckerchief, and silly moustache.  The Bosty is so dapper with his natural 'tuxedo-style' markings.  I stuck a red lace bowtie on him to complete his look.  I am partial to Bosties, so he won my heart with a big red lace one.

Since I didn't document my process when I made my Everything Blue block contributions, I decided to make them in different fabrics to give you an idea of how I create my appliques.  Pictures say a thousand words, right?
This little Frenchy was turned into a stuffed pillow and will be heading off to a very special person!! ;)

Not only is this Bosty quite suave, he's a talented pup tickling the ivories.  Lucky me, I get to wear him on my sweatshirt!!!

I can't wait to see what all the contributors created for the block hop.  With such diverse talent and free reign of design, I can only imagine the finished quilt is going to be blue-tiful!


  1. well done Steph!! I love it all....and I think your blocks sooooo rock it!

    1. Thank you so much, Cheryl!! Quite a compliment coming from the Sewrama-Diva!!