Friday, May 24, 2013

Big Love: Monster Heart Applique

I have big monster love for my newest applique design, Mothra!  Inspired by the 1960s Japanese B-Movie monster, Mothra, she is the only female kaiju (that's Japanese for giant sci-fi monster).  She's a benevolent giant moth with psychic powers who defends the earth from her arch-nemesis, Godzilla.  Mothra is the baddest and most beautiful of the pack!  

As a lover of butterflies, and one who has re-occurring dreams of flight, I identify with the gorgeous Mothra.  And because she's a girlmonster who constantly kicks Godzilla's bum....that makes me fall in love with her all the more!!  So much in love, she became my first tattoo.  Mothra will always have my back!

Her presence might be inked on my back, but she needed to be immortalized in fabric!  After sketching up a cute version of Mothra (loving the hearts in the wings), I up-cycled some scraps of denim jeans I had in my stash to bring her to life as an applique.

Denim washes in gradating hues made up the applique, while oxblood-colored tooled pleather accented it for more depth and texture.

But as I created Mothra in applique, I realized she was missing something.........Godzilla!!!

So Godzilla was cut from the same cloth as Mothra...

And at long last, they were united and stitched down in craft history!
I got the hots and the hearts for you!