Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Manana, Rana! Tortilla Warmer from the Heart

Many times my best work is born out of an act of gift-giving.  Using my talent, thoughtfulness, sewing machine, and creative genius, I can whip out an awesomely unique gift for just about anyone.  Oh, and it helps to have a stash loaded with all sorts of fabric, notions, and supplies, too.  My creativity and frugality were unleashed during my most recent project- a gift for my coworker, Kathleen, who is entering retirement.

Kathleen is a pretty amazing lady!  I'm willing to bet the only continent she's never set foot on is Antarctica.  She was born in Mexico, makes a mean guacamole, and has the most kind, loving, warm energy that you don't often come across in a person these days.  As a little tribute to her leaving the company, I wrote about her on my company's blog, if you'd like to read more of the details.  When she gave her notice of retiring at the end of this month, I pondered what I would make her.  I can't tell you how many beautifully put-together gift bags she has made for me and others in the office:  with homemade, embellished tea towels and all sorts of goodies and loot.  This gift I was making had to be extra special, but luckily it wasn't too difficult to conjure up a gift idea for her.  She loves frogs & loves TexMex food.  So, without further ado, I present you my 'El Ribbito' design, for a tortilla warmer!

I cleaned up my original sketch to adapt it into an applique.  The applique would be added to a tortilla warmer.  My sketchpad pictured above was the perfect size at 12" x 12" to make the circle pattern template for the tortilla warmer.

The project was pretty simple for me to complete in about a day and a half, using only materials I had in my fabric pantry.  Good thing I had some fun, zesty, bright fabrics to spice up the design:

And my man, Jimmy, who lives in New Orleans, even sent some Panola Hot Sauce (hecho en Louisiana) to compliment the gift!  HOT TAMALE, BABY!

WWOZ FM out of New Orleans was streaming when I was typing this post tonight and a Freddy Fender song came on.  His voice was so pure and bittersweet- it struck a chord with me.  I had to google him and was surprised to see a little bit of resemblance to my froggy above.  Instead of 'El Ribbito', maybe it should be 'Froggy Fender'?  As I read about Freddy Fender, a Mexican-American Tejano musician with a strong following in Southern Louisiana, I thought, what perfect synchronicity!

To mi amiga, Kathleen, with a heart that never beats any truer!

Manana, Rana!
(Tomorrow, Frog!)

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