Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Groovin' Forward- New Year, New Look!

New Year, New Look, New Logo, and New business cards.....hot off the press from Vistaprint

Happy New Year, ya'll!!  Just 2 weeks into TwentyThirteen and I'm gettin' back into my groove.  Spent a refreshing & relaxing holiday back home in the Midwest with my folks.  Holiday-ing with my folks was filled with the following:  cooking a Mediterranean-style Christmas dinner...watching reruns of Cajun Pawnstar...tearing up over a viewing of 'Beasts of the Southern Wild'...taking long walks in the snow...hot-tubbin' in the backyard...and eating twice my weight. As much as I wish I could snooze away the winter, and wake up to sunshine & 70 degrees, I have no time to hibernate.  I already had another project waiting for me to tackle upon my return to 'Sew-attle', err...Seattle.  Shaniece and her twin, past clients of mine, called upon my Salt-n-Pepa craft-o-nista services, to make t-shirts and hats in the style of Salt-n-Pepa's Shake Your Thang video.  They asked if I could send business cards, too, as they'd hand them out at the show they were attending where they'd wear my creations.
2 parts cut felt,  1 part sequins, a dash of sass....now Shake Yo Thang!!

This got me thinking....the business cards did.  Lately, I've been going through some rapid artistic evolution.  Back in August, I renamed my blog and the name has really stuck for me.  The more I kept thinking about it, the more I kept feelin' it.  Needles Groove encompasses me as an artist: a lover of art and sewing & a lover of music and vinyl records.  Two passions that meld easily in my craft alchemy.

For quite some time, I used to go by the moniker 'ms.sad' to place an identity with my art & creations.  Sure it's cute and it holds special meaning to me- my initials spell out the word 'sad'.  But, it's got a gloomy & confusing connotation...something that doesn't represent my lively, colorful, enthusiastic art & craft.  And I tended to hide behind the veil of 'ms.sad', sometimes.  So with much thought, I'm groovin' forward with Needles Groove.

Upon my return from the holidays, I went straight to work designing a new logo and new business card.  And just like I got a facial & pedi for the new year, I gave my blog a little bit of an updo, too.  I put the kibosh on the ms.sad website, and in place created a new Needles Groove facebook page.
Welcome folks to the new look.  Thanks for your continued support, it means the world to me!

Ashes to Ashes, ms.sad!
Funk to Funky...

Now, time to get a groove on it!

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