Thursday, December 6, 2012

Let's Make it Funky: A Xmas Stocking for Louie and one to Boot(sy)!

Lately, my apartment has transformed into 'Lil Stephy's Sweatshop' these days just before the Christmas holiday!  My sewing machine is getting lots of mileage as I crank out project after project.  Just this past Saturday I put some homemade stockings in the post to my bff Meredith and her Dutch hubby Bart who live in Utrecht, The Netherlands.  You can read about those here on my blog! As I uploaded pictures of my stocking progress for Meredith on my facebook page, my friend Nikki from back home in Cincinnati took notice.  She loved what I was doing and asked if I could make a stocking for her son, Louie.  The only criteria I needed to follow for Louie's stocking was to make sure his name was on the stocking (Nikki's husband's request) and to make it funky.

Make it funky, huh.....well....I didn't have to think much more on this one.  As I recall back a few years ago, Nikki had posted a pic of her posing next to the funkmaster, Bootsy Collins, on her facebook page.  I admit, I was jealous!  She got to meet Bootsy!!

For those who need schooling on who Bootsy Collins is, he is the funkiest bass player of all time- playing in Parliament Funkadelic and Bootsy's Rubber Band back in the 1970s among other musical offshoots.  A purveyor of all star-shaped accessories- particularly guitars and sunglasses, he has mad, pimpin' style!!  Bootsy is a member of the Rock 'n Roll Hall of Fame, has his own online school for teaching bass playing techniques- Funk University, and was born & raised and still lives in his hometown of Cincinnati, Ohio!

Inspiration for Louie's stocking was a piece of cake thanks to his Mama's brush with funky fame!  I mean, just look at those boots!!

So off I went researching, looking for some good Bootsy pics on the web to help inspire my design.  And then I came across this most excellent record cover with a stylized Bootsy coming out of a boot and said....THAT'S IT!

So off I went to the drawing board and came up with this sketch:

Instead of a bare-chested Bootsy, as illustrated above on the record cover, I subbed in a Bengal tiger emerging from a funky platform boot.  More appropriate for a baby boy who would grow up using this stocking Christmas after Christmas.  And the Bengal tiger is also connected to Cincinnati, too!  Who Dey!  Who Dey!  Who Dey think gonna beat dem Bengals!!

After I posted my sketch on facebook and got the greenlight from Nikki, I started going to town selecting fabrics from my overgrown stash.  And then I embarked on the applique process. I cut out all the fabrics, laid it out, glued the pieces down, and prepared it for sewing.

I took a trip to Pacific Fabrics in SODO to buy some more fun trims (as if there wasn't enough going on in the design).  Luckily I showed restraint and didn't buy out the whole shelf:

And then I stitched and stitched through the night and POOF!  Louie's Stocking was created!

Had it not been for my mom's comment on my facebook page when I posted my initial sketch of this design, I might not have decided to make another stocking.....just for Bootsy!

How could I not?!

Merry Christmas Nikki, Chris, and little Louie!  May you continue to have funky 'holidaze' 4 ever!!!

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