Friday, October 5, 2012

Summer Repeats: Welcome Back Crafter!

Day-Glo Neon Paint......sparks my craft mojo!

Greetings, My Groovy Crafters!  Has it been over a year since I last posted here?  My craft mojo was down and I was missing my motivation & inspiration.  It was a tough year for me, but I'm coming out of the craft coma.  During my absence it looks like Blogger made some changes to my blog.  So...I decided to change it up, too.  'Put the Needle to the Fabric' will now be known as Needles Groove!

Welcome Back, Crafter!  A good segue to this post's theme.  This past summer, one of my clients returned back for my services, with a new commission proposition.  My girl, Shaniece, and her twin were in need of funky throwback jackets to wear as part of their get-up to an Old School concert in their hometown of Philly.

Let's back up a bit, here.  Last year around this time, Shaniece contacted me through my website.  She was in awe of my Salt N Pepa jackets & asked me to make 2 jackets- one for her and one for her twin- so they could wear them to an Old School show in December.  With much coaxing, I decided to give it a go.  I was apprehensive at first....I wasn't sure if I could go through another bout of carpal tunnel syndrome-inducing cutting of felt fabric.  But I pulled through and ta-da.....
Shaniece & her twin lookin' fly in my Salt 'n' Pepa jackets
So when Shaniece contacted me this past summer for another throwback jacket proposition for her and her twin to rock at another Old School show....I said of course.
Shaniece was very specific with her idea- she sent me a picture to follow for inspiration, and instructed me to use Neon colors- pink, purple, orange, yellow, green and blue!  Ooooo, fun, I thought!

Throwback '90s jacket- Neon Paint Splat Re-do
Shaniece's inspirational pic, above on the left, propelled me into a craft-fancy!  Originally, I ordered some poly charmeuse jackets in a bomber silhouette- similar to the inspirational pic.  As I started to paint on polyester, using Tulip Soft fabric paints, the paint did not stick.  It looked awful.  Back to the drawing board.  A quick decision in part to my procrastinatory behavior of waiting to the last minute to crank out a project led me to the Men's Dept. of Fred Meyers where I picked up 2 plain colored black fleece athletic sweatshirts that I would fashion into front zip jackets with Neon Paint Splat Print.  The black fleece would be well suited to hold the Tulip Soft fabric prints.

And voila!  Shaniece & her twin are rockin' it again in the flyest of the fly-girl style!
Shaniece and her twin lookin' gorgeous as always! Posing with MC Lyte (top) & Al B. Sure (bottom).  
A big thanks to Shaniece in coming back for my master crafter services!!!  For never having met her or her twin in person, we sure share a common bond with our love of funky throwback fashion!  I'm grateful for Shaniece in giving me the opportunity to get my craft on and supply her with the most stylin' jackets to wear at her Old School shows!  I'm delighted & tickled to see the pictures of her with her twin in my creations, posing with some of my favorite Old School artists.  It makes me smile and let's me know that it's good to be craft in business!  Welcome Back, Crafter!  


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  3. Please send info if you are still making jackets. Salt and Oepa jackets for a January 31, 2015 throwback event

  4. I would like 2 order a salt & pepa jacket, u did an amazing job thx neph

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  6. I would like to place an order for the Salt N Pepa Jackets For November *0's throwback I only need one Jacket please. Thank's in advance. Please send more info please.

  7. Please email me.. I would like to buy a salt and pepa jacket for my throwback party in November

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