Friday, August 19, 2011

D'Ya Like Scratchin'? A special request.....

Oh lordy, I musta been scratchin' my nose the other day when my good friend Brad sent me an email request for a project that I just couldn't refuse!  Brad, a fellow artist, commissioned me to make something fabulous for his newborn son, Sammy Asher!  Wow!  I was just hip-hoppin' for joy at the idea.  So I put my thinkin' cap on and poof!  I knew exactly what to do!

About a year and a half ago, I stitched up this silly DJ tiger applique (above, in pink), inspired by my love of early hip-hop.  Hey, it was 2010, year of the Tiger and I had some leftover fur scraps that said- "Do something with me!!"  As you can see above, I left the project unfinished, not knowing what to do with it.  Friends suggested I should use it for a wall-hanging, a quilt, or even an applique for the back of a jacket.  But just sat in my bin of U.F.O.'s (that's unfinished objects for you non-crafters).  Eventually I played with the design and turned it into a cut paper motif (see above, left).

What made me think of bringing the DJ Tiger design to fruition for Brad's son, was the hip-hop element.  Years ago when I met Brad, he was super into all sorts of music, particularly hip-hop.  I have to give Brad some credit for helping me dive in and find my way through this vast musical genre.  I just couldn't help but think that the DJ Tiger would be the perfect design for his little one.  Nose scratchin' aside, the stars really were shinin' down on this special request.  Little Sammy was born under the Leo zodiac sign (yay for jungle cats!!), and his mama even had a dream of calling him 'Tiger Lily'.  Like the sun, moon, and stars....sometimes it just takes a little time for all things to come full circle and return to perfect alignment!

Below is a my step by step method of bringing DJ Tiger to life.  Starting from, ahem, scratch!
Sketching, tracing, and cutting stencils for the applique....

 Tracing stencils onto & cutting appliques from fabric......

Gluing down all the appliques....

Sewing all of the appliques down....using straight stitching & zig-zag stitching.....

And Voila! The Finished Project!
A Plush Pillow brings DJ Tiger to life!  Made with fleece, cotton shirting, vinyl, and fur appliques all topped down on oxford cloth ground.

Now....D'Ya like scratchin'?

Monday, August 15, 2011

Well, Ain't That a Stitch!

Greetings, my craftas!
Oh boy has it been a long time since I've put my needle to the fabric.  The summer (ha ha, what summer?!) here in Seattle did little in fueling my creative energy.  Ain't no sunshine up in this neck of the woods.  It feels like Summer was late to the cocktail party and only stayed for a few hors d'oeuvres & a gin 'n tonic!!

Ah well, parties aside...something spurred me on (my best friend Mere-Bear's birthday) to finally get my stitch-on and look at the lovely thing I created below:

What prompted the beginning of this project was a tear in an unmentionable spot on my friend's jeans.  She was visiting me this past May on a layover from Hawaii back to her new home of The Netherlands. In stellar Mere/Steph fashion- we conquered most of Seattle in the 2 days she had to spend during her layover.  I guess her Adriano Goldschmied's couldn't keep up with her, and finally decided to bail.  So, as Mere parted from Seattle, she left her tried 'n true blues with me with the instructions of "Do Something 'Anthropology-ish' with them!"  As we talked more about this idea, we both agreed that perhaps I could lend my lovely applique talents to a tee-shirt, upcycling her jeans in the process.

So, a-cutting-I-went:

And then a-stitching-I-went:

And then a-more-stitching-I-went:

Gotta say, this was a really fun project for me.  I loved cutting into some jeans and making them useful again.  The evenings that I spent stitching all the appliques to the tee-shirt were very meditative.  I think I got my sewing groove back with this one!

And with that, I wish my friend Mere, a 'Hartelijk gefeliciteerd met je verjaardag!'