Saturday, April 9, 2011

Think Pink!! P is for....

P is for Pink.....Piggies.....Potholder Mitts.....and.....Poodles!!

Wazzup, my crafty-crew?   Just checkin' in here.  I've been in a bit of a phunk  (yeah, I spelled it with a 'P' to round out the theme here).  I'm craving sunshine & warm temps, and it just feels like 'Ol Man Winter won't leave Seattle yet.  I get kinda basket-casey when that happens, and sometimes I just want to curl up inside a basket with a book and do nothing else.  So, that's how I've been feeling lately.   I haven't had the urge to sew & create until today.  Though the sunshine teased us a bit, I got out and did my 'rounds in my 'hood, took in some fresh air, and caught a little bit of the vitamin D- rays.  I guess a little vitamin D helped kick-start my creative juices!

So what's up with the 'P' thing, you might ask?

Let's back up to Christmas 2010.  Most of the fruits of my creativity are spawned from gifts I make for my best friend, Mere.  She lives over in the Netherlands, so I like to make her fun little things that are reminders of me.  This past Christmas I made her a Flying Pig Potholder Mitt.  May I point out that with Mere, we have a funny tradition of sending each other pig-themed gifts.  Perhaps it's because we both grew up in Cincinnati where the flying pig is the symbol of the city.  

The Flying Pig Potholder Mitt was just too I made more.  I sold some on my etsy site, to my family, and to my coworker, Kathleen.  I've started to make themed potholder mitts for friends for gifts; tailoring the theme of the mitt to be specific for that person.  Unfortunately I don't have a picture of it, but I made a "frog prince" potholder mitt for Kathleen's birthday gift.  Kathleen loves frogs- she has froggy stuff all over her house, but lacked a froggy potholder mitt.  So when she opened her gift, she just loved it!  She even commissioned me to make a Poodle Potholder Mitt.

Poodle!  Yowza!  This was going to be a little challenge to make a potholder mitt with the likeness of a Poodle.  I grappled with this idea for a long time...months.  Good thing Kathleen is patient.  And 'phinally'...(ha!  yeah, I spelled that with a 'P'), today was the day to make the Poodle Potholder Mitt.  So here it is, ya'll.  I hope Kathleen approves.

Of course, it had to be in PINK :)  Rock on to that!!!