Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Silver Dollar Forger- I so Heart this bag!

Howdy, my crafters!
I'm back from a rendezvous with the flu.  My sewing chi is flowing again and I can't wait for winter to be over!!  As the seasons start to transition, the little cogs & wheels in my head start "spinning out" about what clothes & accessories I'll begin to inject into my wardrobe this Spring.  Lately, I've been thinking about bags.  As the weather gradually warms up here in the Pacific Northwest, I can't wait to ditch the heavy winter coat for my cute denim jacket.  Along with ditching the winter coat, I'll be updating my bag & opting for a smaller, less bulky purse to haul only the essentials.  I could easily go out & purchase a cute handbag, but being the craft 'o nista that I am, I want to show off my skillz!!

Remember my last post about the "Dolla Clutch"?  It was my first prototype and there were some things I loved and didn't love about it.  Loved the Dollar Sign applique, but didn't love the rest of the bag.
The Dolla Clutch: Needs a little tweaking

Sometimes when I begin the design process, I take my concept a little too literally.  Although I loved the concept of taking a rapper's gold bling necklace and turning it into a cute little clutch to hold my cellphone, keys, and $, my first prototype turned out with an odd, slightly oval shape.

For my next version of the dollar clutch, I decided to ditch the hip-hop bling and go for a Japanese lolita-kawaii kind of feeling.  I flipped through some of the Japanese fashion mags that I have laying around and found this cute little heart-shaped purse as inspiration for the body of my bag:
I heart this!!!!
Then I did a little bit of inventory of my fabric stash.  I still wanted to use a fun, blingy vinyl for the dollar sign applique and remembered I had a silver "faux sequin" textured vinyl I bought from Pacific Fabrics rad selection of colored & textured vinyls. Silver.....Dollar Sign.....Silver Dollar!  Oooh!  And I have a remnant of stretch denim with a deep indigo/bleach acid-washed pattern that would pair well with the silver!!
Sew off I go......
I used the back side of the bleached out indigo acid-washed denim for a more faded look, allowing the dollar sign applique to pop!
Forging the Silver Dollar.....err sewing the vinyl applique.  Note the "Faux" Sequin texture on the vinyl
I'm heartin' this version already!
Pin me with your best shot:  Sewing Voodoo Magic!
That's the front side of the fabric that I'm using for the inside of the bag.
And Voila!  The Silver Dollar Acid-washed Heart Bag!  Love-love-love!!!!

I added a zipper closure to the top of the bag.  The strap is indigo blue cotton webbing.  It's long enough for me to wear it cross-body style.  Perfect little bag to wear when I hop on my bike for a ride around my 'hood this spring.

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  1. Oh Ms. Sad,
    Love your grooving little heart bag, so genius!!!
    The sewing diva