Friday, February 25, 2011

Ain't Nothin' but a C-Thang: Craftin' the Dolla' Clutch

Wazzup, my crafta's!?!!  Here in Sew-attle, the weather's been wintry, and I've been keepin' warm while cookin' up some craft.

Last month as I was prepping to go out for a night of electro-boog-a-loo-ing, I discovered that I have no small clutch bag in my collection that's big enough to hold all my necessities.  What's a girl to do?!!!  Well, in these hard economic's not feasible to go out and spend $$$ on a clutch bag that I will use on a few occasions when I can get my craft-on and make something doper than anything out on the market!

My inspiration: Slick Rick's Bling: Big, Bold & Gold 
True Colors:  "Limey" Ricky D drips of gold......
The solution to ms.sad's clutch bag calamity is also the answer to a broke craft 'o nista's dilemna.  I present you the making of the Dolla' Clutch Bag!

First--Font Freak-Out Time!  My favorite part of this project was choosing the font to produce the dollar sign applique for the clutch bag.  I get super-giddy when I look at fonts...oooo-weee!!!  It didn't take long for me to settle on the "Rosewood" font, which is fitting for the effect that I want to achieve.  Read the brief description about this font from to see why:  
 "The tendency toward display and ornametal typefaces began with the English Industrial Revolution. The introduction of new machines made mass production possible in the print industry, a technique meant to constantly produce new and unusual products to sell to more and more consumers. Many of the typefaces created in this time were meant simply to catch attention and to advertise products. The two ornamental weights of Rosewood reflect this tendency and never fail to catch the reader’s eye."
Text Time- Show me the $$$!
The most important element for the clutch bag was the dollar sign applique.  Bold & Eye-catching is what was needed to make it money!  I chose a bright gold pleather with crackle finish as the main applique, with black mock-croc for the "cut out" inner design on the sign.
Makin' the (Money) Mark.....
Another key element in the design of the Dolla' Clutch Bag would be the gold rope used as a handle.  To replicate as closely to the real hip-hop style gold rope chains, I went to the upholstery trim section of Joann Fabrics and found a 1/2" wide rope trim for window treatments in gold.  I doubled it up on the clutch bag, to create more of a look of the piled-on, over-the-top, gold rope chains.
Lookin' dope with the rope!
After a few hours of constructing, this is how the Dolla' Clutch came out:
Ready to Shake the Money-Maker!
It's a work in progress- the first prototype in a series of many.  I used black sweatshirt fleece for the bag's body, and a "purse" zipper (with 2 zipper pulls) for the opening at the top.  Lovin' the dollar sign applique and gold rope handle, the most. The bag shape......needs a little work.  Back to the sewing machine on this one.  Until then......

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